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It's the official Galaxy Dive at Ginnie Springs!

(NOTE: This is invite-only)

Wednesday, Jan 25th 5-7pm

☑️ Any certified, comfortable diver can join.

☑️ This can count as your Night Dive requirement toward Advanced Certification!

☑️ Rental gear/tank/light available if needed from their main shop (arrive 10 min early if rental gear is needed).

☑️ Entry Fee or gear is NOT included. The $5 helps cover the cost of the magic glow materials and running the dive. Park entry fee is currently $32 per diver.

*I'll have limited tanks and gear available but we will need to arrange that well in advance. It's first-come, first served on gear, tanks are $10 each for me to bring.



  • Meet in main lobby of Ginnie Springs Outdoors 
  • 7300 Ginnie Springs Road, High Springs, FL 32643
  • The Galaxy Dive will count as your night dive requirement if you're getting Advanced Certified.  (Meets 2 of 6 total required dives)
  • You will need a dive light to participate in the Galaxy Dive.  If you don't own one you can rent there.
  • You’ll find shower facilities, snacks and gear for purchase or rental where we meet in the main lobby (it's also a dive/camp shop)
  • If you have your own gear, bring it.  Otherwise they do rentals there (arrive at least 15min early for time to arrange and get gear from their lobby). 
  • A full-length, preferably 5mm thick wetsuit (or greater) is recommended.
  • Don't forget towel, swimsuit and "OFF" insect repellent just in case.
  • It's super sandy/muddy in parking lot, so I recommend a tarp, old blanket or something to keep your car from getting destroyed.
  • Benches, bathrooms and hot showers are at the dive site.

So, what exactly is the Galaxy Dive?

Even the great Jacques Cousteau wrote about the pristine clarity of the water, describing it as "infinity water".

It's an ideal setting for a surreal, low-light spectacle underwater. A night dive in a crystal clear, freshwater spring cavern, taking place in the white limestone cavern called the “ballroom”.

Cavern certification is not required as there is a clear exit out and you can't get lost.  A small grate at the bottom (about 45' down in total) prevents divers from going into the "cave" section.

While it's still light out, we require a short orientation dive so you're familiar with the cavern. It's also a chance to ensure your gear is all working properly and you have sufficient weight.

After a short surface interval and final briefing, the main show will begin:


Once everyone is down in and position, the dive instructor signals everyone to turn their lights off.  After it becomes completely dark, our guide will release a glowing magic solution that begins to flow and swirl throughout the ballroom. It becomes a galactic display of millions of little floating stars that fill the ballroom, forming silhouettes of the divers and even their bubbles. One of our all-time favorite underwater experiences, plus no boats or bad weather to worry about at the springs!

It is a simple, low-stress dive, with hot indoor showers and changing rooms right near the water. Just be sure to save a little room for a guilty pleasure pit-stop (usually at Sonny's BBQ) on the way home 🍗🍖

Hope to see you there!

Quick checklist:

  • Must be 12 or older
  • Proof of Scuba Certification (you must have this at check-in, they're strict!)
  • To save time, you can print waiver and sign in advance (click here)
  • Dive Light (rentals available on site)
  • Scuba Gear (rentals available on site or through us - see dropdown pricing)
  • 5mm full-length wetsuit or thicker recommended (rentals available)
  • Towel (and maybe a large plastic garbage bag to keep your car dry after)
  • Insect Repellent
  • Arrive 15-20 minutes early if you need to rent gear or a light from their dive store

Anything else, just ask!

PS: We will also be shooting the first official "Down to 60" for the Galaxy Dive!

Take a look at the original "Down to 60" of Ginnie Springs in general: