Private Scuba Certification plus Video | with Kenny Dyal

Private Scuba Certification plus Video | with Kenny Dyal

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"I will be your personal Instructor throughout this 4 day private scuba certification course. This will get you started with the basics of fresh and saltwater boat diving, including a boat dive on coral reefs. Upon completion, you'll be scuba certified as an Open Water Diver for life, plus Nitrox Certification as an added bonus!"

Whether it's just you or you decide to bring others, Kenny will be your primary Instructor, plus one Sweetwater assistant throughout the water training process.

As a bonus, a video of this course showing your progression from Day 1 through Scuba Certified will be provided free of charge.


  • Day 1: Pool and Classroom day (all day)
  • Day 2: Spring/Lake/Shallow shore dive training day (depending on area/weather)
  • Day 3: Shore Dive | Examples: Blue Heron Bridge, Lauderdale by the Sea, or similar depending on area/weather)
  • Day 4: Boat Dives | Offshore reef dives from dive boat 


  • All required rental gear, tanks, wetsuit, etc. to complete the course.
  • Includes ALL spring/lake/park admission fees, boat fees, boat tipping, pool fees, etc.
  • Includes all eLearning materials, physical card upon successful completion
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Swimsuit/Towel
  • Overnight Stays


Each day is considered a "full day". Upon booking, a specific itinerary with directions, links, and checklists will be sent out, along with suggestions for where to stay, etc.

How to sign up: Shoot me an email or let's setup a phone call or Zoom meeting, and make sure this will work for both of us. 

IMPORTANT: Dates cannot be secured until a payment has been made.


Here's some of the most common things we'll need to discuss:

  1. GOALS - What are your short/long-term diving goals?
    1. When would like to be finished?
    2. What is your availability between now and then?
  3. SWIMMING ABILITY - Basic ability to swim from one side of pool to other, hold breath underwater, and wear a mask underwater are required.
    1. We will need to discuss any medical conditions before getting started.
    1. Transportation, food, & lodging are not provided.
    2. Once we've established the schedule, you'll get an itinerary so you can better plan your trips and stay.
    3. I'll give guidance and be there to assist you in getting this all squared away.
  6. GEAR
    1. All rental gear required to complete this course is provided.
    2. For several reasons, it is strongly suggested that you wait to gear up until we at least get started.
    3. It's best to first figure out your diving style, what truly matters most to you, and try a few things first when possible.
    4. You will not be required to transport any gear. All gear will be handled by the Sweetwater team.