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Scuba Certification | Lifestyle Emersion Package | 1 Week Course with Kenny Dyal

Scuba Certification | Lifestyle Emersion Package | 1 Week Course with Kenny Dyal

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I will be your personal Instructor throughout this 7-day course to make you the best diver possible. I want to see you become comfortable in any environment, and make you a lifelong diver that's ready to travel the world COMFORTABLY. This is NOT a boot camp, it's still designed to be fun, but with awesome results! My goal is for you to no longer feel like you need me to dive anywhere in the world, by the time we say goodbye on the last day.



This course goes beyond basic scuba certification to prepare you for diving the world. Statistically, it takes at least 6 dives AFTER the scuba certification course before divers truly start to experience the enjoyment that most never quite reach. Additionally, those that get an additional 6 dives after their scuba certification see a 50% DROP in incident rates, and simply struggle a lot less. This is directly related to underwater comfort that regular classes simply can't offer.  

Further, this is the course of action that most Instructors will suggest, but it's a lot of scheduling and lag times in between each class or trip. This lag not only disrupts the learning curve, it costs more money and time.

AFTER the pool, you'll have at least 12 logged dives when you finish this course. More than just "dives" these will all be instructional so that rapid learning can take place.

This is a "full-emersion" private program designed to prepare you for a lifestyle of diving.

It includes the Advanced Certification, plus Nitrox Certification. This will allow you to do the majority of dives that regular Open Water Scuba Certification stops short of.

You'll be guided from the beginning to eventually become an Advanced Diver, but more importantly you'll be ready to travel the world and FEEL GOOD about it. That is one of the underpinning of this course.

We'll start building the best foundation possible with a fun, holistic approach to initial scuba certification. Then, once we've covered the basics, true learning can really start to happen. We keep going and round out all the avenues of diving, exposing you to different skills, gear, styles of diving, environments, and even dive shops. 

You'll also be shown and taught different gear styles, explained how they work, pros and cons of different brands, and have Kenny as a personal consultant to help support you when making that gear investment in yourself. Kenny has relationships with a wide variety of shops, suppliers, brands, with experience in all premium and reliable lines. Without contractual obligations or being tied to any one of them, Kenny can give you unbiased advice and put you in touch with the best options available in your area for your unique tastes and needs.

This course will give you the foundation needed to go diving anywhere recreational diving takes place, or EASILY keep going into the technical or professional level.

There will always be at least one assistant from the Sweetwater Team to help with the in-water portions of your journey!

BONUS: You'll receive quality underwater footage of your dive to share with friends and family. 


Emersion Package includes:

  1. Open Water Scuba Certification Course
  2. Nitrox Certification (a simple add-on done in conjunction with the scuba course)
  3. Advanced Scuba Certification 
  4. Kenny Dyal and at least one assistant teaching your course directly, plus quality underwater footage of your dive.
  • Dives typically included (in sequential order):
  • Day 1: Pool training / Freshwater Springs or Lake
  • Day 2: Freshwater Springs or Lake
  • Day 3: Freshwater Springs
  • Day 4: Freshwater Springs (deep dives, night dives)
  • Day 5: Shore Dives (Blue Heron Bridge, Venice, Lauderdale by the Sea)
  • Day 6: Offshore (40-60' reefs)
  • Day 7: Wreck Dives (80-100') 
  • These are all full-day involved courses. This can be broken up into a span covering a maximum of 45 days (IE over a few weekends vs all in a row).


How to sign up:

Shoot me an email or let's setup a phone call or Zoom meeting, and make sure this will work for both of us. 

IMPORTANT: Dates cannot be secured until a payment has been made.

Here's some of the most common things we'll need to discuss:

  1. GOALS - What are your short/long-term diving goals?


    1. When would you like to be finished?

    2. What is your availability between now and then?


    1. Basic ability to swim from one side of pool to other, hold breath underwater, and wear a mask underwater are required.


    1. We will need to discuss any medical conditions before getting started.


    1. Transportation, food, & lodging are not provided.

    2. Once we've established the schedule, you'll get an itinerary so you can better plan your trips and stay.

    3. I'll give guidance and be there to assist you in getting this all squared away.

  6. GEAR

    1. All gear is provided to complete this course (rental)

    2. For several reasons, it is strongly suggested that you wait to gear up until we at least get started.

    3. I have several trusted dive shops in Florida (and elsewhere) we can visit throughout the course. I'll be happy to walk into some with you and offer guidance for proper fit, etc. It's best to figure out your diving style and try a few things first when possible.

    4. You will not be required to transport any gear. All gear will be handled by myself and my crew. 


 *All photos taken by Sweetwater Scuba Instructors Kenny Dyal and/or Katie Reich

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