About Kenny Dyal & Sweetwater Scuba

My name is Kenny Dyal & my mission is to grow the dive industry. I started, ran, & sold a dive shop from scratch, published multiple Children's Books on scuba diving, train other scuba instructors (Course Director), worked with Guests over 17 years with Disney's Dive Quest, & even perform as a safety diver for Mickey Mouse (still do on occasion). But now I host "The Scuba Diving Podcast", & create educational & promotional content (Like the Down 60 video series) for anything related to the underwater world. With tens of millions of views (& counting) the more we can lift up this underwater world, the better our world will be for it. I'll also admit, it's just FUN!

I love being creative (like designing the Swag, and all of the art / photography you'll find here). I love diving, I love teaching, and I love getting to know industry leaders and interesting people. Above all, I love connecting people and watching them grow.

Meet the Sweetwater Crew!

Katie Reich | Lead Administrator

Katie Reich

Katie is a Scuba Instructor, Dolphin Trainer (Disney's Marine Mammal Program), managed two dive shops (US & Canadian) and helps make everything run here at Sweetwater. Katie is seen in many of the underwater video series, and is almost always behind the camera for the Podcast series!


Cristina Garrett | Production & Events

Tina Garrett

Tina is full-time Aquarists at Disney's Seas exhibit, and featured on numerous episodes of "Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom". She's been an aquarists at Sea World & Discovery cove.

Tina helps keep everything moving, facilitates film shoots (above and below the water), and helps moderate our "LIVE" events.


Rebecca Polaski "Becca P" | Production and Events

Becca Polaski

Becca is an Aquarist at Disney's Seas full time, with duties ranging from Chemistry to Coral & Exhibit care. Becca is responsible for many of our Sweetwater sketches (above and below the surface), setting up reenactments, and turning product demonstration into social media eye candy.


Robin Powdrill | Production and Events

Robin Powdrill

Robin is famous for her roles as an Aquarist on Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom / National Geographic. She's an avid diver, stages and models much of our Sweetwater content, and even performs as a mermaid when needed. 


Collin Tenant | Dive Trip Planning & Coordinating

Collin Tenant

Collin has spent years as an Aquarist at both Disney (Epcot) and Sea World, as well as Coordinator for Disney's Dive Team, and a Divemaster for Dive Quest. Collin has also worked on several international coral mapping and research projects, and facilities conservation initiatives through Disney's Animal Programs. When he's not building custom aquariums on his spare time, he helps explore new dive sites with Sweetwater Scuba, including the Down to 60 series. 



"Let's show the rest of the world the rest of the world"

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