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Sweetwater produces "The Scuba Diving Podcast" hosted by Kenny Dyal, "Down to 60" one minute dive video series, online courses, and even children's books such as "How to Become a Scuba Diver."

Sweetwater offers EDUCATIONAL and MARKETING TOOLS for anyone wanting to grow through organic exposure, including social media, live events, videos or podcasts.

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Kenny Dyal biography
Kenny Dyal


My name is Kenny Dyal & my mission is to grow the dive industry. I started, ran, & sold a dive shop from scratch, published a Children's Book on becoming a scuba diver, train other scuba instructors (Course Director), worked with Guests over 16 years with Disney's Dive Quest, & even perform as a safety diver for Mickey Mouse (still do on occasion). But now I host "The Scuba Diving Podcast", & create educational & promotional content (Like the Down 60 video series) for anything related to the underwater world. With tens of millions of views (& counting) the more we can lift up this underwater world, the better our world will be for it. And I'll admit, it's just FUN!

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The Scuba Diving Podcast hosted by Kenny Dyal

The Scuba Diving Podcast

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