Organic growth for Scuba Diving related operations

The most organic reach on the market.

"Nothing else like it out there, this is the future of getting the word out."

  • 60k views in the first 30 days or you’re automatically refunded.
  • You’ll have your own published Podcast interview.
  • Never “promoted” “boosted” or any other form of paid views or clicks. 
  • 100% organic followers, likes & views that are from underwater-aligned viewers. 
  • Leaves you with endless content material for future marketing & awareness. 
  • There is no other exposure like this on the market.
  • MUST meet specific criteria (must be informative, & ADD VALUE to the viewers & the underwater community as a whole

Typically this is shot & recorded in one day, then content begins trickling usually within a day or two.

Sweetwater only succeeds if you do.

  • Authentic in-person Interview podcast with me, Kenny Dyal
  • Published on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple, Google, YouTube, etc.) through The Scuba Diving Channel
  • At least TWO unique content posts on Sweetwater’s channels (yes, this includes the @Kenny_Dyal TikTok account!)
  • Includes one “Down to 60” video of your dive site, charter, or facility. Published on all Down to 60 channels.
  • Podcast interview is also available on YouTube, will be published as Spotify video for podcast channel as well.
  • 60k view guarantee across all platforms within 30 days of departure of your facility/operation. Proof will be submitted once the 60k threshold is met.
  • You can reference, link, repost, embed or share any content related to your facility royalty free. 
  • Kenny will personally contact you to verify this will be a great fit for both our platform AND your operation. If this is not a great fit, no worries! We will refund your money instantly.

"The fine print"

Cost includes all of the above, our travel expenses, and all digital production costs & equipment. Cost does NOT include entry to your facility or boat access, or any required specialty equipment/costs needed specifically for your dive beyond standard recreational scuba equipment. This will be discussed on the initial conversation to ensure clarity.