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Acrylic Pins - Scuba Diver with Red Hat

Acrylic Pins - Scuba Diver with Red Hat

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The scuba diver face with red hat from Sweetwater Scuba is the official "Mascot", if such a thing exists. Yup, it's a knock-off of Kenny Dyal's face, but only when he's wearing sunglasses, the red beanie, and spieling in the next video. HINT: Anyone can do it, he's not special.

This face can be seen working hard in The Scuba Diving Podcast, Down to 60 videos, the Children's Books, and all things Sweetwater. It was inspired by a Steve Zissou / Life Aquatic decal we found on a mug. In a hurry, it was later turned into a business card with a QR code right smack on the red hat part - it became an instant hit at the DEMA trade show and the rest is history. This whole thing was kind of an accident.

This acrylic pin is great for lapels, hats, backpacks, and includes a rubber clutch backing.

Make it official, post it/tag any of our social media handles and odds'll get a SHOUTOUT!

Complete the lifestyle (and the look) with the Blue Shirt & Red Beanie. They're besties with this sticker


PS: Any better ideas on what to call it? "Diver with Red Hat" is fine but there's gotta be something catchier out there??

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