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Organic Exposure Campaign

Organic Exposure Campaign

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Below you'll find an example of several marketing strategies for you or your organization. Each client has different needs and goals, so we can discuss a more focused plan-of-action for maximum impact & ROI.

"Nothing else like it out there, this is the future of getting the word out."

"The ROI for your business depends on where audience growth, exposure, reach, and fresh content fit into your overall marketing strategy. We'll have this discussion in the beginning, to formulate purposeful framework when creating your new content."

Here's what you get-

  • 30k views in the first 30 days or you’re automatically refunded.
  • You’ll have your own published Podcast interview.
  • Kenny will create one 30-second personal ad with full usage rights for you, including a story post on TikTok, IG, & Facebook
  • You'll get at least 2 posts on all social media platforms, plus at least 2 stories. *BONUS: Story views do NOT count toward the 30k views.
  • Never “promoted”, “boosted” or any other form of paid views or clicks on our channels.
  • 100% organic followers, likes & views that are from underwater-aligned viewers (target audience).
  • Leaves you with endless content material for future marketing, awareness, and audience growth.
  • There is no other exposure like this on the market.
  • MUST meet specific criteria (ADD VALUE to the viewers & the underwater community as a whole). 

Sweetwater only succeeds if you do. Here's how it's done...

  • Authentic, in-person Interview podcast with host Kenny Dyal
  • Published on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple, Google, YouTube, etc.) through The Scuba Diving Channel
  • At least TWO unique content posts on Sweetwater’s channels (yes, this includes the @Kenny_Dyal TikTok account!)
  • At least TWO story posts (As a bonus, story posts do NOT count toward the overall 30k view guarantee!)
  • Includes one “Down to 60” video of your dive site, charter, or facility. Published on all Down to 60 channels. (heavily featuring you or your facility/crew/etc.)
  • Podcast interview is also available on YouTube, and will be published as Spotify video for the podcast channel as well. Audio version goes to all others, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Podcasts.
  • 30k view guarantee across all platforms within 30 days of departure of your facility/operation. Proof will be submitted once the 30k threshold is met.
  • You can reference, link, repost, embed or share any content related to your facility royalty free.
  • Kenny will personally contact you to verify this will be a great fit for both our platform AND your operation. If this is not a great fit, no worries! We will refund your deposit instantly.
  • If it's the right fit, we'll talk about your goals, formulate a strategy, and discuss the logistics and execute a game plan. 

"The fine print"

50% starting payment must be made in order to secure any dates and begin the campaign. Once dates are agreed upon and travel has been booked, this becomes non-refundable*

50% remainder must be cleared by physical arrival on site. Payment must be cleared or in hand upon arrival, at which point it becomes non-refundable*

*All payments in their entirety are fully refunded if '30k in 30 days' view guarantee is not met.

Cost includes all of the above, our travel expenses, and all digital production costs & equipment for Continental 48 US States, Cozumel MX, & Puerto Rico. Travel costs will be added to further destinations on a case-by-case scenario. Cost does NOT include entry to your facility, boat access, or any required specialty equipment/costs needed specifically for your dive beyond standard recreational scuba equipment. 30k views are cumulative total across all of our public social media platforms, beginning the following business day from departing your facility/location. These include:

  • TikTok posts
  • Instagram Reels / Posts 
  • Facebook Reels / Posts
  • Youtube videos
  • Spotify listens / views

Conditions: You must participate where possible, including providing any support b-roll or information requested, and follow interview instructions (if any). This, or any additional travel expenses needed (for further/remote destinations) will be discussed on the initial conversation to ensure clarity.


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