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Sweetwater Scuba Tank Popsicle - Holographic Vinyl Decal

Sweetwater Scuba Tank Popsicle - Holographic Vinyl Decal

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Sweetwater Scuba's Tank Popsicle Logo is everything we're trying to accomplish: Make the underwater world much more tantalizing, less intimidating, and more FUN!

Nothing screams outdoor happiness like a popsicle in the shape of a scuba tank, right?

This logo is found anywhere Sweetwater is making content, like The Scuba Diving Podcast, Down to 60 videos, and even in the Children's Book

The goal was to get away from the traditional dive flag, skull & crossbones, shark, parrot, etc., logos out there. We love all of that, but we've seen a lot of it and wanted something different (and welcoming). We wanted fun, pleasant, and tasty (SWEET!).

FUN FACT: This was sketched on a napkin, sitting at a red light. So there's a silver, iridescent, kinda pretty lining to everything... even morning traffic!

The vinyl decal is heavy duty, weather-resistant and more importantly... SHINY! It goes on tanks (cylinders, bottles, rockets) and STAYS, even after diving.

The scuba Tank Vinyl Decal on a sliding glass door

Make it official: Post it/tag any of our social media handles and odds'll get a SHOUTOUT!

Complete the lifestyle (and the look) with the Blue Shirt & Red Beanie. They're besties with this sticker


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